LGBTQ 30 Day Challenge: Day 19

29 06 2011

Day 19: Butch or Femme?

This is a loaded question and one I have issue with. Who defines what is butch? or femme? I don’t necessarily think these labels are bad things, as labels go, but I think we try to stick to them to rigidly.

Personally, I’d say I’m attracted to people on the more butch end of the scale. I like masculine men. That said, someone who is attracted to more feminine men aren’t any less of a man, they just have different preferences. And as far as my own personality and mannerisms, I’m pretty middle of the road, probably leaning to the butch side a bit. I like to fix and build things, can change a tire and the oil in a car, do some minor construction, but at the same time, I like fashion (looking at it, not so much knowing a lot), music, photography, design. For some, that makes me too femme, even if I don’t identify that way.

I think labels are useful in some ways. As human beings, we need to be able to categorize things to understand them. But we try to cling to these labels, that are often binary, and when things don’t fit neatly into one or the other, we aren’t quite sure what to do. I think that’s something we need to work on as a society. We need to learn that gender and sexuality are binary. And that’s there’s nothing wrong with that.




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