LGBTQ 30 Day Challenge: Day 18

28 06 2011

Day 18: Something about the LGBTQ community you don’t understand or have a question about?

Here’s the thing I don’t get: why the hell is the gay community so catty. I don’t get it. So many times, if you’re not a twink, you’re not gay enough. If you don’t shave your body, you’re not gay enough. If you don’t keep up with the latest fashions, you’re ot gay enough. On the flip side, if you do shave your body, you’re too gay. If you don’t have some muscle on you, you’re too gay.

For a community that is constantly striving for acceptance, tolerance, and equality, we turn on each other at the drop of a hat! It’s ridiculous. I was just reading an article today about a male model and half the comments could say nothing but how badly he had mutilated “such a beautiful body” with his tattoos. Really, people? Really? I just don’t understand. I like masculine men. I like men with body hair. I like men with tattoos and piercings. But I don’t expect everyone to agree with me. Why would anyone else expect everyone to hold their opinion? It just doesn’t make sense. And if you really think about it, if we all liked the same thing, the whole community would be fighting over a few “hot” guys, who would only want to date people that looked just liked them, leaving the rest of us cold and alone.

Grow up. Just as we tell straight people that we’re different, but still ok, we need to tell each other the same thing. Share the love people, share the love.




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