12 05 2011

Glee. It’s a show that has pretty much swept the nation, and for good reason: it’s a good show. It’s great that they’ve included such a variety of characters on the show and even in just 2 seasons, have really pushed the envelope on lot of socially touchy subjects, especially in the LGBT arena. They have a the obvious character of Kurt, the closeted jock archetype in Dave Karofsky, and the oft-neglected closeted lipstick lesbian in Santana, not to mention the bi-curious Brittany.

But I just absolutely can’t identify with a single character on the show. I love that they introduced Kurt and that his sexuality wasn’t just glossed over. Early in the 1st season, he came to the realization and was still faced with coming out. They brought that struggle to light in a show that a lot of teenagers watch. But Kurt is so absolutely flamboyant. He’s a fashionisto. He likes Broadway, constantly makes obscure cultural references, and drops names of long-dead celebrities like nobody’s business. I just don’t see myself in that. Sure, I like some Broadway stuff, especially from the last 30 years or so. I’d even venture to say that I have a decent grasp on the fashion world, occasionally embarrassing myself by knowing the proper terms for various types of trim and styles, but I also seem to know a lot about a multitude of other random topics. But overall, I think my interests are pretty average for a guy my age. I don’t wear sequins. I don’t flit around. I don’t dress anywhere near drag. Other than the most base of emotions, I just can’t relate to him.

Then there’s Dave Karofsky, the football player. I can somewhat more identify with Dave, but not really. Dave’s a jock, something I’ve never even come remotely close to. I played baseball as a kid, but hated it by the time I was 8 and did everything I could not to be put on the field. His fear of coming out is something I can definitely relate to, though. I was 18 before I came out to my best friend of 12 years at the time (19 years now), 20 before I told anyone else, and 24 before I told my mom. I understand that insane level of fear. But that, too, is a very basic way to relate.

The addition of Blaine was really a great happy medium…and it doesn’t hurt that Darren Criss has eyes that just draw you in. Being that the character of Blaine is pretty middle-of-the-road, I’d have to say that Blaine is the character I can relate to most, but he’s still a tertiary character at this point. And just because I relate most, doesn’t mean I really see myself.

I know it’s a T.V. show and they’re trying to appeal to the masses. I really do get that. And I think it’s great that they’re reaching out to the most vulnerable people. But just once, I would like to see a normal man, who happens to like men. All that said, I hope they keep up the good work. I’m really excited for the season finale and to see where the show goes in Season 3. Especially since there’s been mention of a conservatively Christian character joining the cast. That could make for a really interesting dynamic if done well and it’s nice to see inclusion from both sides of the aisle.




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