God Save the Queen To Be

30 04 2011

This is an absolutely gorgeous shot of her dress. I still think the dress is a bit plain considering it’s from the Alexander McQueen design house. This photo captures the storybook style the dress resonates. She is absolutely stunning. Too bad she’ll be ancient by the time everyone ahead of her has died off so that she can take the throne.

As for all the people who have said, “Why should I care about the wedding of 2 rich foreign aristocrats?” Well, the answer is multi-fold. The first is that this is an historical event. It’s not every day that royalty of any nation get married. The last was princess Victoria of Sweden in 2010, but other than that, there has only been one other royal wedding I can think of. That one was a bit of a scandal when the only daughter of the Japanese emperor married a commoner, this giving up her title as princess. With so few monarchies left in the world, figurehead or not, it’s a big deal when there is a royal wedding. In some ways, it’s like a little piece of the Victorian era holding on to our modern societies.

The second is one Americans don’t like to think about or admit, but the British monarchy is a part of our heritage. Although we aren’t part of the British commonwealth anymore like Canada, Australia, South Africa, India, and about 20 others countries, we do owe our place in the world to the British. If the British hadn’t so successfully colonized our continent, even if through barbarism and brute force, we wouldn’t be here today.

Thirdly, it’s a wedding. Why shouldn’t we be happy for 2 young people who have (hopefully) found true love? A gorgeous woman to a previously handsome man, it’s nice to see a modern couple get married and bring a largely archaic institution into the 21st century.

Oh! And who doesn’t like to see all the crazy hats the British wear to events like a wedding?




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